1-What is The Doc Spot?

    A mobile friendly app that links Doctors and Professionals with space to Docs and Professionals who need to rent space &/or staff

    2-What are the steps for partners and those who are interested in contracting as a renter?

    Visit the website, register by uploading your name and credentials, pay the activation fee and pick a site to rent from. Once rented, be sure to rate the host for future users.

    3-How are partners of providers protected against liability?

    All Users must have their own malpractice insurance @ a minimum of 1M/3M likewise, TDS has its own liability insurance.

    4-Does The Doc Spot assist in setting up contract lease between host and renter?

    No, the contracted rates are decided upon by the host. There are however, certain legal statutes in place to protect the renter and the host from nefarious users banning those who feign representation and/or are poor renters.

    5-Does The Doc Spot vet host and renters to make sure they are legitimate?

    We do not. We are simply the portal upon which we connect potential renters and users. We do, however provide a portal for users to upload their info and credential and users can thereby vet users through normal means. There is also a space where users can upload background checks and a link within the quick start portal to use a Credentialing agent to do the vetting.

    6-Once registered, how long before my profile is available on the site?

    The host has Ip to 72 hours to vet you as a renter and accept or deny your rental.

    7-Does The Doc Spot have a review option to post comments on our experience as host or renter or conduct of host and centers like AirBnB?

    Yes. We have renter ratings for transparency.